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Certified Information Security Threat and Vulnerability Manager Course

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Course Overview

The Certified Information Security Program Threat and Vulnerability Manager course is a four-day information packed certification learning experience designed to develop a level of competence to support the development and ongoing management of an organizational information security Threat and Vulnerability Management process.
During this course we will be teaching the fundamental requirements mandated by the ISO 27001 standard, guidance provided in ISO 27035, and leveraging our own information security incident management process template, taking you through a progressive development model to build an incident management process, no matter what the size of the organization. During the course you will be participating in a series of group practical exercises to reinforce the concepts taught in the classroom sessions to help you hone your skills in this area. We will be reviewing the concepts of identification and validation of an information security incident, as well as performing a severity assessment, the composition of and how to manage an  information security incident response teams, sample requirements under data breach notification regulations, and much more. By the end of the course, you have possess the knowledge and skills to build and manage an organizational information security incident management process.