Private On-site Training Courses

More and more organizations establishing business objectives to secure organizational ISO 27001 certification are contracting and hosting private onsite training sessions for their initiative's steering committee, representatives from all lines of business, and other support services stakeholders. This approach is especially valuable for the initiative's executive champion in an organization's working under a tight timeline, as it mitigates the time associated with bringing the entire team up to speed on what has to be accomplished.

Client Focused


Our clients tell us, one of the great things about contracting an organization like ours to do training at their corporate office, is the freedom of open discussion on related internal matters, during the learning process. 


During a private onsite session, we are able to run a course like a VCR with play, reverse and rewind abilities. Most importantly, we can hit the pause button and discuss how a learning point is affecting your organization and examine the various points of view for on the spot consultative support.


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ISO 27001 Training in action

Image of ISO 27001 Trainers' leading a small interactive private onsite class