ISO 27001 Trainers

ISO 27001 Trainers is a division of the Center for Information Management and Assurance, operating out of their Miami, Florida head office location. We are a group of certified ISO certification trainers serving companies based in North America, integrated into a world-wide network of trainers allowing us to provide service to you and your organization no matter where you are located.

Certified ISO Experts & Trainers

All of our trainers go through a rigourous screen and certification process. It starts with validation of real world implementation and audit experience. From there all trainers must have completed ISO certification training to the Lead level in their field of expertise, complete in classroom mentoring by a certified instructor, and then secure a professional trainer's certification.


- a minimum of 10 years of professional experience

- direct implementation or audit experience

- Lead certified, and willing to complete Master level certification

- obtain a trainer's certification from a certification authority we endorse

- complete in classroom metnoring by one of our certified trainers