An instrutor at the front of a board room with students around the table, leading a corporate onsite ISO 27001 Training class

Whether you're looking for certified ISO 27001 training at a public or for a private on-site event on the latest ISO Security and Assurance topics, or looking for custom training developed for your organization, we've got you covered.

When ISO 27001 Training Experience & Expertise Counts, Companies Call The ISO 27001 Trainers

Online ISO 27001 Training

When time and budget is tight, it doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. ISO 27001 Trainers offers live online instructor led ISO 27001 training in our virtual classroom. We connect you into one of our live online ISO 27001 training classes taking place somewhere in North America, using bi-directional stream audio and video technology. Ask questions of the instructor and interact with other students, as if you were there. You don't to settle for self-pace e-learning anymore or waiting until next year. Take your ISO 27001 training now!

Private ISO 27001 Training

Over that past seven years, a growing need has been evolving for specialized training offered onsite a corporate offices across North America and around the globe. When organizations are looking for the very best, they engage ISO 27001 Trainers to parachute in and teach ISO 27001 training, such as our ISO 27001 implementer and ISO 27001 auditor training courses to an engaged cross function ISMS Steering Committee and project members. When it comes to private ISO 27001 training, you only want to trust the very best.

Public ISO 27001 Training

Our public ISO 27001 training sessions are designed for individuals and small groups who are looking for accessible and credible ISO security, technology management and business certification training. ISO 27001 Trainers offers public ISO 27001 training and other courses in major metropolitan area in Canada and the USA. Our customers have told us budgets are tight and travel expenses are limited, so training needs to come to them. Register today for one of our ISO 27001 training courses and see the difference for youself.

Learning With The ISO 27001 Training Expert

ISO 27001 Trainers have been around through the entire 20+ year lifecycle of ISO 27001. We were around and using it in its early days when it was known in the original form as the (British Standard) BS7799-1. We were there to see it evolve since the first adoption by ISO in January of 2000, and through its revisions published in 2005, and most recently in 2013.


When you or your employees are investing in ISO 27001 training, you must to know the trainer has the knowledge and experience not only to present the material, but answer all your questions, and offer real life examples.


We have also been right here to see the birth and evolution of ISO 20000, 22301, 27005, 27034, 27035, 29100, ISO 37500 and others.


ISO 27001 Trainers is a proud member of the CIMA family of services, an experts in ISO 27001 training.

Watch the Introduction to ISO 27001 Trainers ACADEMICS Methodology featured by the Information Security Leadership Forum

ISO 27001 Training – What You Need To Think About

Most direct purchasers of ISO 27001 training services don’t have the time to do the normal upfront due diligence to assess a service provider as they would normally do with any other type of service. The reason being is the reduced impact. That is to say, it only affects the purchaser who is also the consumer, or that of a small group.


So if one was to look objectively at an ISO 27001 training service provider, what are the things the purchaser should be looking for?  Some of the things we recommend to clients who inquire with us are:

A male instructor and students at an ISO 27001 training class
  1. Make sure the ISO 27001 training company employs active practitioners in the field. When you’re dealing with generalists, it may have been some time since they have been engaged in the topic. By engaging active participants in the industry, you will be assured to have not only expertise but practitioners with current knowledge of changes and implications.

  2. The next would be to make sure theirs ISO 27001 trainers have some type of validation as being a skilled adult educator. There are a lot of subject matter experts out there, but when it comes to communicating concepts and practices, they could leave you behind snoozing. You need an organization with trainers who go through screening and certification as a trainer specifically to make sure the trainer that will be leading your class has effective communication and engaging training skills.

  3. The next on our list is to make sure the ISO 27001 training organization and the training they provide is skills development focused. History has shown us that training designed to dump a lot of information in a short period of time in a "boot camp" style, may appear to offer value, but the information dissipates as time passes after completing the exam. A great example we hear a lot is, when the students get back to the office, they first and foremost have to focus on completing the SOX or PCI project they are already in the middle of. In about four to six months they will be kicking off their ISO 27001 program. Look for an ISO 27001 training company that offers training which includes practical exercises that allow you to apply the lessons being taught. It is a well-known fact that skills-based training has a much longer retention period, thus offers a greater value return to the student and training sponsor (employer).

  4. Having an ISO 27001 training engagement model is very important to avoid being “killed by PowerPoint,” so to speak. A training experience that changes it up, keeps the interest and attention of its audience. Trainers need to mix presentation and content from slides to video, open discussion, practical exercises, interactive polling, and other types of active engagement.

  5. One of the hidden needs of students subscribing to certified ISO 27001training is a commitment on behalf of the service provider. Too often professionals come to us after their original provider failed them by canceling a course due to low enrollment. Unfortunately, as practitioners, your availability to go on training tends to be dictated by lulls in your schedule or the rollout plan of an ISO 27001 program, not when others want to take training. As a result, when an ISO 27001 training provider cancels a course on you, you are the one still left to acquire the knowledge and skills.


To learn about ISO 27001 you can find a great overview on Wikipedia, or purchase a copy of the standard at the websites for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or directly from ISO.